15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitors - Servicing, Overhaul, Repair and Calibration Verification

Fellow Kogyo Bilge Alarm Monitor

Our team of service engineers carry out the Annual Calibration Verification and Certification, regular servicingtroubleshooting and repair of Oily Water Separator 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors. This includes the newer MEPC 107(49) compliant monitors, and the older MEPC 60(33) compliant monitors.

For attendances on-board the vessel, we would normally test the operation of the 3-way overboard discharge valve, and function test the Oily Water Separator controls.

In addition to be the authorised agents for Ocean Automation Solutions Pte Ltd ( Singapore ), we are able to carry out the servicing and calibration verification of 15ppm bilge alarm monitors from any manufacturer, including the below:-

  • Rivertrace - Smartcell
  • Rivertrace - OCD-CM / OCD-1M / OCD-2M
  • Deckma - OMD-11 / OMD-21 / OMD-24
  • Fellow Kogyo - Focas 1500 / Focas 1800
  • Georim Engineering - GBA-155
  • Jowa - Sea Guard
  • Brännström Elektronik - BilgMon 488
  • Bristol Babcock - OPM1


Rivertace Smartcell 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor
In many cases, the calibration of bilge alarm monitors is verified using 3rd party or manufacturer supplied "certified 15ppm solution", however Ocean Automation Solutions have developed an oil injection test rig where a known oil sample is circulated through a closed loop system. The readings on the customers bilge alarm monitor are then compared to our master unit to ensure accuracy.


We have Rivertrace Smartcell units 220V and 110V in stock.


Please ask us about the calibration of PPM monitors for IOPP certificate renewal surveys in accordance with MEPC 107(49).