Vessel Cleaning and Maintenance at Sea

We provide worldwide services of at-sea riding crews. 
These crews have many years experience butterworthing, high pressure water blasting and mechanical ship cleaning of holds and confined spaces to achieve:

• Cleaning for hot work
• Tank cleaning of previous cargo 
• Hold cleaning for grain

Our quality controls insure the vessel is ready to tender upon port arrival, thus removing unnecessary lay days. We can construct "Rose Boxes" to insure prompt inspections and cargo loading. Our crews can also assist with engine room and deck maintenance for paint and preservation.

Vessel Cleaning Port

We offer many services to assist you during your port visit including man-lift operations for inspections, cleaning of holds for change of cargo, cleaning and gas free for shipyard repairs or hot work.


West Coast Marine Cleaning, Inc. offers a full range of water blasting services at pressures from 1,000 to 36,000 psi and flow rates from 4 to 300 gallons per minute. Our fully qualified staff and technicians can utilize this equipment to accomplish tasks such as:

• Ship/Hold Cleaning
• Tank Cleaning
• Surface Preparation
• Exchanger Cleaning
• Boiler Cleaning
• Internal Line Cleaning

Each self-contained unit can help you attain efficiencies not feasible with chemicals, hand tools or sand blasting, while cutting cleaning costs and manpower requirements. All equipment is up-to-date and our built-in safety features meet or exceed OSHA standards. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, linked with our continuing safety programs insures project completion within defined time frames.

​Emergency Services for tank cleaning, Ballast cleaning, cargo hold cleaning in all port of Vietnam including: tank cleaning, Ballast cleaning, cargo hold cleaning  in Go Gia anchorage, Phu My port, Ho Chi Minh port, Vung Tau anchorage, Cam Pha anchorage and port, Cai Lan anchorage and port, Hon Gai anchorage and port, Ha Long anchorage and port, Quang Ninh anchorage and port, Nghi Son anchorage and port, Son Duong anchorage and port, Vung Ang anchorage and port, Da Nang anchorage and port, Quang Ngai anchorage and port, Dung Quat anchorage and port, Quang Nam anchorage and port, Qui Nhon anchorage and port.

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