• Annual Inspection for Inflatable Liferafts
  • Annual Inspection for Lifeboat and Launching Appliances.
  • Annual Inspection for Portable Fire Extinguishers.
  • Installation, Inspection for Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems such as CO2, Halon 1301, Dry Chemical Powder, Foam, Novec, FM-200.
  • Annual Inspection for SCBA, EEBD.
  • Annual Inspection for Inflatable Lifejacket.
  • Inspection & Air Pressure Test for Immersion Suits.

Crane load test

We are doing the following Load test for ship:
  • Cargo crane Load Test
  • Liferaft & Lifeboat Davit Load Test
  • Cargo Hose Lifting Load test
  • The Test Equipment including:
    • + Load cell 5 tons, 25 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons with remote control
    • + Water bag 3 tons, 5 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons. Total weigh can be provided up to 40 tons

​Emergency Services for FFA & LSA inspection and maintenance in all port of Vietnam including: FFA & LSA inspection and maintenance in Go Gia anchorage, Phu My port, Ho Chi Minh port, Vung Tau anchorage, Cam Pha anchorage and port, Cai Lan anchorage and port, Hon Gai anchorage and port, Quang Ninh anchorage and port, Nghi Son anchorage and port, Son Duong anchorage and port, Vung Ang anchorage and port, Da Nang anchorage and port, Quang Ngai anchorage and port, Dung Quat anchorage and port, Quang Nam anchorage and port, Qui Nhon anchorage and port.

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