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The first word SAGOCO be sent to customers respectful greeting, greetings health. Wish customers achieve business growing and thriving.

We are the direct distribution of supplies and ship repair, ship maintenance equipment. We offer competitive solutions all the equipment and supplies of the major brands at home and abroad.

The staples of SAGOCO:
    - Engine Store
    - Deck Store
    - Cabin Store
    - Electrical Store
    - Kitchen tool & Office requisites
    - Equipment & Medical
    - Marine Safety Equipment
    - Charts & Maritime publications
    - Other Products

Also SAGOCO also provide repair services, maintenance of ship equipment:
    + Machinery & Equipment auxiliary diesel
    + Soldering iron, pipe valve
    + Electric Power Systems & Auto
    + Industrial Hygiene
    + Equipment from marine
    + Other Services

With collective managers, engineers, technicians qualified experienced professionals, we are confident that we have the resources and ability to provide equipment, supplies high quality. Competitive price and professional service style, to meet the highest demands of our customers.

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Add: 2/51/8 Str.17, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc Dist, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (+84 )  - 2837243317 - Fax:  (+84 ) - 2837243317
Email:  info@sgcl.com.vn - peter@sgcl.com.vn
Web: www.sgcl.com.vn